Shared here are travel tips, gear reviews, services we've tried,

restaurants we've sampled, and Airbnb tours.

Mia Tui Sydney Backpack Review

Kelly shares her review of the Mia Tui Sydney Backpack - a large, lightweight waterproof rucksack, perfect for traveling, work and school.

Airbnb Review - Portland, Oregon

Kelly shares her love for Airbnb and gives a tour of their rented studio in Portland.

Airbnb Review - Asheville, North Carolina

Take a peek at our modern Airbnb apartment in Asheville, North Carolina. The hosts actually remodeled it themselves, something we hadn't experienced before.

The Best BBQ in North Carolina?

Ryan and Kelly visit Allen & Son BBQ and try authentic North Carolina barbeque for the first time.

Health Preparation for World Travel

Preparing for our visit to Southeast Asia brought us to Passport Health, a clinic specializing in international travel wellness. See what we learned and what we decided to use for our upcoming trip.

Top 5 Day Hiking Tips

Day hiking is an easy, fun, and cheap way to enjoy the great outdoors while also getting some exercise. In this video, Ryan and Kelly offer you some tips to make your hiking experience simple, smooth, and more enjoyable!

Sea Car Tours - Monterey, California

See Monterey from behind the wheel of the bright yellow Scoot Coupe! We rented one and had a great time exploring the beautiful coastal towns of Pacific Grove and Monterey, California.